This year has been full of surprises. Some good, some bad, some scary. Like many others, we had big plans for this year, but 2020 decided we have even bigger lessons to learn. In response to our changing reality, we’ve redefined the way we work, shop, travel, govern our personal lives, relate to our surroundings, and interact with each other. But, as we turned our homes into home offices, postponed our vacations, washed our hand for the millionth time, and started social distancing, we agreed no to let the Covid-19 rob talented students from having a great summer internship and experiencing what’s it like to design and build a mobile application from scratch. Thus, for the first time ever, we went on and organized our summer internship virtually and were glad to see that our 2 UX/UI Design and 7 Mobile Development interns (4 iOS & 3 Android) were happy to join us in this new setup.

portraits of the nine summer interns

Here are some of the answers we’ve got to the “What made you apply for an internship position at Halcyon Mobile?” question:

I’ve heard about Halcyon Mobile a year ago, did a small research about the applications you’ve developed, and I wanted a chance to work here. Also since the third year of university, I’ve reached the conclusion that I want to be a mobile developer and was curious to learn a native iOS programming language because up until now I’ve tried only native Android and cross-platform languages.

Andreea – iOS intern

This internship seemed like a good opportunity to learn more about Android development, expand my network and improve my teamwork skills.

Catalin – Android intern

I was trying to get into the design industry, and the internship provided some experience for future job applications, in a period when not too many jobs were available. 

Ruxandra – UX/UI Design intern

I really liked the applications that Halcyon Mobile made, the “About Us” page of your website, the things that you stand for, and also the vast experience that Halcyon Mobile has in developing applications.

Iulia – Android intern

A few days into the internship, when we got to know each other better, we were happy to witness how our interns’ desire to learn, grow, and kickstart their careers in something they‘re passionate about have gradually overshadowed their last remaining reservations about the online format.

The first 2 weeks flew by in a blink of an eye and at the end of the learning period the time has come to put their freshly gained knowledge into practice. Ruxandra and Lorena started designing their first mobile app with us and in just 4 weeks they delivered a functional, high fidelity prototype for Newcomers – an app that helps newly moved residents of Cluj connect with their new home – and CJ Explorer – an app that allows tourists to discover the hidden gems of our beautiful city.

screenshots of the Newcomers and CJ Explorer apps tha design interns made at Halcyon Mobile

I was expecting to learn the research & design process and even apply it within a project and I can honestly say that I learned a lot more than I even imagined. :)

Lorena – UX/UI Design intern

Of course, there were challenges along the way. We made sure they get to experience what is it like to talk to a client and work in a team, we tested their ability to communicate efficiently and make decisions on their own, too. Naturally, their mentors were always close, giving hints, feedback, and support whenever they needed it.

I learned how to discuss with clients so that everything is as clear as possible, how to organize content when presenting, UI design rules and how to apply them.

Ruxanda – UX/UI Design intern

In the meantime, our mobile interns began to develop the first features of RSRVD, a mobile application that helps sports enthusiasts find & book venues for their favorite recreational activities.

screenshots of the RSRVD Android and iOs mobile apps developed by interns

The project was hard at the beginning, but then it gradually became easier to develop. Thanks to its extensible structure that we managed to maintain, implementing a new feature was a matter of days.

Miki – Android intern

It’s been a little bit challenging sometimes, but it was exciting to see it grow from day to day. I really liked the design and the concept. Got to learn many aspects of software development and being part of a team while working on it.

Andreea – iOS intern

I really liked the project idea and concept and the professional approach to this project: the daily meetings, the tasks and the weekly demo.

Iulia – Android intern

Feature by feature, as the learnings piled up, RSRVD began to materialize, too, and after a series of exercises, dailies, code reviews and feedback sessions with the mentors, the day of the final demo arrived. And so, on August 14, we set back in our chairs, turned our attention to our screens, and let our interns show us the result of their hard work. Their presentation was nothing short of awesome! It’s rather amazing, that some of them learned a completely new coding language and together they built a product from the ground up in only 6 weeks.

I have learned what clean, structured code should look like, that working as a team on a project is crucial and that it’s ok not to understand and it’s ok to ask questions (the mentors were always there for us).

Andrei – iOS intern

I would say it was quite challenging. And that is a good thing, because I was required to think deeply about complex topics such as system design, implementing code that is optimal, reusable and meets client expectations. The mentors were always there when we needed help but I personally enjoyed the brain teasers.

Catalin – Android intern

I gained better knowledge and understanding of the iOS platform, tools and the workflow inside an app development company.

Fineas – iOS intern

We’re happy to have completed yet another successful summer internship. We’re looking forward to what next year’s edition will have in store for us, but if it’s anything like the one we have just had, it’s going to be amazing for sure! And although the current situation has thrown a couple of obstacles and hardships in our way, sharing our UX/UI design and mobile development know-hows and practical knowledge with young, passionate students was well worth the effort.

Really cool and nice experience, even during a pandemic. Kind and professional people, organized way of working and coding standards, interesting learning materials and effective way of teaching even from home. I enjoyed taking part in it, I feel like I’ve gained quite a big piece of knowledge during these 6 weeks. By far the best experience I’ve had as an intern. Made me want to become a mobile developer even more and to always get better at coding.

Andreea – iOS intern

Great team, very open minded to discussing any problem, very helpful with suggestions, feedback was given with strong arguments (not just for the sake of commenting), no micromanagement.

Ruxandra – UX/UI Design

Halcyon Mobile organizes its internship one a year, during the summer, so if you want to boost your experience, learn how to create a real mobile application from start to finish, and find out what’s it like to work in a team within a software agency, our internship might just be the one you’re seeking to kickstart your career. As there are usually hundreds of candidates for each internship position, we advise you to visit our page – – to find the one that best suits your interest and goals and apply as soon as the application period opens.