Today marks another great day for us, as Halcyon Mobile has yet again locked its position amongst Clutch’s market-leading App Development Companies for Startups.

“We are delighted to be recognized again by Clutch. Although our clients’ and their users’ feedback are the most important measure of the quality of our work, receiving this award means a lot, as it might steer other meaningful projects our way, that have the potential to shape people’s lives.”

Botond Szekely, CEO, Halcyon Mobile

In almost 15 years of Halcyon Mobile, our work has been honoured with remarkable acknowledgements, and now we’re thrilled to continue having Clutch on the list of reputable outlets that have recognized our achievement in the app development space! 

The Washington, D.C. based market research firm, Clutch, lists us, yet again, among the top ten mobile app developers for startups in the world. This is a major accomplishment, and we’re excited to see how this accolade will drive further growth for our company.

Why is this important for us?

There are more than 42,000 agencies and businesses listed on Clutch

Being noticed, selected and acknowledged from this competitive crowd conveys a very clear message to us: that the work we undertake together with our partners doesn’t go unnoticed and plays a significant part in the success of their mobile products.

Halcyon Mobile in Leaders Matrix

To evaluate and rank top performing B2B companies, Clutch leverages a comprehensive research methodology that is centered around three data sources: industry data, market presence, and verified client reviews. Thanks to Clutch, we now have access to an extensive collection of feedback. 

The positive comments that we received from our partners serve as motivation for us to keep delivering excellent products. What’s more, it also gives a more in-depth view about what it means to work with us to other companies that have mobile app design and development needs:

What appealed to us about Halcyon Mobile was that they’d built products of their own that they’ve released. They have that insight into being a business selling products to customers, so they understand the product development cycle that much more intimately.” 

Will Lord, Head of Product & Technology, EdPlace

Becoming a top mobile app developer can only be done with the support of a robust network. We’d like to take this time to thank our amazing partners who have worked with us over the years. You’ve played a major role in our journey towards reaching this milestone.

Also, adding another reason to celebrate, The Manifest, Clutch’s sister site, that features top firms across various industries and locations in a blog-format, listed us as one of the world’s premier iOS development firms!